Multiple Lead Capture Device Configuration

When using multiple lead capture devices, they can be configured in two different ways: all linked to the same vendor profile, or linked to multiple vendor profiles.

Separate Vendor Profiles

If you're capturing leads at more than one location at an event (for example, at a booth, and at a coffee cart), then you likely will want to easily be able to keep the captured leads separate. In a case like this it is recommended that you request multiple vendor profiles. This means the following:

  • The list of captured leads will need to be exported per profile. The link provided in your lead capture email will only grant access to the leads captured on the device(s) associated with the profile the leads were exported from

  • Email domains for sending lead exports can be different; if you require that leads from different devices are sent to email addresses in different domains, this can be achieved with lead capture devices on separate profiles

  • Tags, email templates, and other settings can be kept separate between devices; you may want to use different lead tags and email templates in different locations; while this can be accomplished with one profile, it is far easier with more than one

  • Lead history will be different per profile, so locating a previously captured lead in order to update it becomes easier

Same Vendor Profile

If you are using multiple lead capture devices on a single profile, they are all effectively treated as the same device. This means the following:

  • The list of captured leads will only need to be exported once; the link will contain a download of all leads captured on that profile

  • Tags and email templates are common across all devices

  • Leads captured on any of the devices will appear in the lead history on all devices

Multiple Badge Taps

When an attendee's Smart Badge is tapped multiple times, either on the same device or across different devices on the same Vendor profile, their lead information will be brought up on the devices screen again. Any tags or notes that have been taken will be preserved and able to be edited, and any emails that have been sent already will be indicated.

Use Cases

Some examples of different use cases are as follows:

Separate Vendor Profiles

Max has ordered four lead capture devices for an expo, and is planning to use two at his company's booth, and two at the coffee cart that they have sponsored. In order to keep the leads captured at the coffee cart separate from those captured at his booth, he has requested two different vendor profiles, one for the booth and one for the cart. At the end of the event he will need to perform two lead data exports, one from a device at the booth, and one from a device at the cart, in order to download all the leads captured at both locations.

Same Vendor Profile

Maxine has ordered three lead capture devices for her booth at an expo; the booth is expected to be busy, but all the devices are being used at the same location for the same purpose. In this case she only needs one vendor profile; lead history will be common across all the devices, and at the end of the event she only needs to export the lead data from one device to download all the leads captured.

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