When browsing our User Guides or talking to one of our team members, you may come across terms that you aren't familiar with, or used differently to terms that you use within your own organisation. While we will endeavour to use your own language wherever possible, this glossary of terms may help you understand our documentation more thoroughly.


  • Attendee - someone who is attending your Event. Note that this includes Vendors, Speakers, and Crew/Staff as well as Delegates

  • Vendor - refers to an exhibitor at your Event. Some organisations use terms like Sponsor, Exhibitor, Partner etc but they are all referred to as Vendors within these guides

  • Category - Refers to an attendee type, and is based on client-specific needs. Used to segment communications, session and item entitlements, and more

  • Smart Badge - the NFC-enabled PVC card that an attendee is given upon checking in to an event, which is used to unlock all interactions at the event

  • Organisation Instance - the unique domain address created for an organisation set up within the Jomablue Portal

  • UUID - the Universally Unique IDentifer which refers to a Product's or Person's registration. A UUID is assigned to a Person record upon completing registration

  • Vendor Portal - the unique web page provided to each vendor at an in-person Event, where they can create and modify their own Email Templates, and view training content


  • Community - Jomablue's virtual and hybrid event platform

  • Canvas - a customisable page in a Community. Canvas types include the Lobby, Session, Vendor, and Custom Page Canvases

  • Block - a piece of content that is displayed on a Canvas

  • Flex - a vertical container for displaying Blocks within a Layout

  • Layout - a horizontal element on a Canvas that contains Flexes

  • WYSIWYG - stands for "what you see is what you get". WYSIWYG content editors are used to display custom text and image based content in a Block or in other parts of a Community

  • VOD Block - a Block containing a video player, for showing on-demand Video Content

  • Live Stream Block - a Block containing a Live Stream Player, for showing Live Stream Content

  • Session/Vendor Detail Page - a page which a Community user lands on before being able to click through to the Session/Vendor Canvas

  • Intelligent Networking - a feature of Community that enables attendees to connect with other attendees at an event. Features an Intelligent Networking function that recommends other attendees based on similar interests and fields of work etc


  • Event Registration - the process of an attendee obtaining a ticket and registering for an event

  • Add-ons - Event products such as swag, after-party tickets, gala dinner tickets etc. sold to people who have already registered for an event

  • Admission - an entry to your event. Each Product contains 1 admission (entry) to the event. When a person registers for an event the Admission determines what Category or Categories they are placed into

  • Coupon - a Coupon allows someone making an Order to receive a discount on one or more Products and/or Items in their Order

  • Coupon Code - a customisable code that is used to redeem a Coupon

  • Global Inventory - the Inventory that Items are taken from when purchased or registered in a Site. This inventory is the same (global) across the entire Event

  • Item - an additional physical item that can be made available for purchase within a Product. Examples include party tickets, food voucher, merchandise etc

  • Order - generated after a person has made payment for their product(s). An order contains the purchasing person's billing details and contains a list of all Products and/or Items purchased. An Order ID is generated internally for tracking orders, and a Transaction ID is generated by Braintree and refers to the payment only

  • Product - a ticket which includes a single Admission, and any Items able to be purchased with the ticket

  • Registration Activation - when a product is first purchased, it is not assigned to a person until it is activated. Upon registering a Product, a Person record is generated within Jomablue

  • Registration Confirmation Email - the email that a Registrant receives upon activating a Product, as confirmation that they have registered

  • Site - a web page which lists products available for purchase by a customer. Events can have one or more Sites, and each Site can have one or more Products

  • Online Store - a type of Site where people are able to purchase paid Products online

  • Online Free Registration Site - a type of Site where people are able to register free Products online

  • Onsite Free Registration Site - a type of Site where attendees are able to register for an Event on-site, if they have not already completed a registration

Event Check-In

  • Event Check-In - the process of an attendee having their e-Ticket scanned and their Smart Badge printed

  • e-Ticket - Attendee's event admission including a QR code

Session Check-In

  • Check-in Content (Upon Entry Send) - Related content that can be configured to be sent to an attendee upon checking in to a Session. This content can be sent via a Card (Event App only), SMS, or Email

  • Entry Buffer - The entry buffer is the period of time (in minutes) before a session commence in which a person is able to check into a session

  • Exit Buffer - The exit buffer is the period of time (in minutes) after a session is scheduled to end that a person is able to gain access to the Session Related Content via a Touchpoint

  • Session Check-In - the process of tapping an attendee's Smart Badge on a Session Check-In device in order to record their attendance of the session

  • Session Related Content - content that can be sent to an attendee via Email, SMS, or Event App Card, via a Touchpoint linked to that Session

Lead Capture

  • Lead Capture Block - a type of Block displayed on a Canvas that allows a user to express interest in a Vendor, and be captured as a Lead

  • Lead Capture Device - the 4G-enabled mobile device used by Vendors to capture attendee information at an event


  • Item Collection - Touchpoint functionality that allows for accurate management of physical event item (swag) handout/collection

  • Touchpoint - a Jomablue device with several modes, which can be configured to send content to attendees via Email, SMS, or Event App Cards, and can contribute to their Engagement Score and track their behaviour


  • Dynamic Survey Question - Survey questions which are specific to a session, and will only be served to an attendee if they have checked in to that session

  • Radio response type - a single choice response type for a Survey question - can be a rating between 1-5, 'very good', 'good', 'fair', 'bad' etc

  • Static Survey Question - a Survey question which is included in a Survey by default, and is asked of every attendee

  • Survey - a custom set of questions sent to attendees via SMS or Email, in order to provide/collect feedback about your event

Insights and Analytics

  • Attendee Engagement Scoring - a quantitative analysis framework used to determine an Attendee's engagement in different areas of interest based on their interactions throughout the Event

  • Insights - all reporting and analysis conducted before, during, and after an event, based on data collected during the event life cycle

  • Live Event Dashboard - a real-time monitor of all aspects of an event (such as badges printed, leads captured etc)

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