Creating a Vendor in the Jomablue Portal is a quick and simple process. First you will need the following:

  • Vendor Name - the name that the Vendor will appear as in Portal

  • Vendor Display Name - the name that the Vendor will appear as in the Event App and in all communications from the Vendor

  • Vendor email domain - the email domain to which the lead capture export emails should be sent

To create a Vendor profile in Portal, click on Vendors in the menu on the left-hand side of the Portal. You'll see a search bar, but no "New Vendor" option - this is by design - as clean data is highly important, you don't want any duplicate vendors. Start by typing the name of the Vendor you wish to create, and if it does not exist in the Portal already you will see a "Add as new" button. Click this and you'll be presented with the new Vendor view.

In this view you'll be presented with fields for Name, Email Domain, Display Name, and Website. Fill these out as desired, upload a logo, and click Save up at the top right of the screen. The Vendor now exists within Portal.

There are a number of settings on the right-hand side of the Vendor screen, which do the following:

  • Visible in Live Engagement App - this toggles the Vendor's visibility in the Event App. For more on publishing Vendors in the Event App, check out this article

  • Has access to Vendor Portal - this enables access to a Portal where the Vendor can create their own email templates. Setting this to "Yes" will create a Vendor Portal link which you can share with the Vendor

  • Emails enabled on lead capture - this enables the Vendor to send emails (created by the aforementioned email templates), which can be sent from their lead capture device upon capturing a lead

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