Note that this article only applies to Vendors who have the Vendor Portal enabled - for Vendors who do not have access to the Vendor Portal, see this article

Lead Capture is a great tool for helping drive more value for vendors. If you are selling lead capture at your event by way of an inclusion or as an add-on then you want to promote it. 

Below is sample copy available for use in vendor materials or for sending via email to promote the use of lead capture. The sample copy assumes vendors have the option to order/purchase a lead capture device prior to the event. If this option is not being offered to them, remember to remove it. 

You may additionally wish to use this short video when communicating with vendors equipping them with the basic operations of the device they will be provided onsite.

What is it

Every attendee at the event will be provided with a Smart Badge (lanyard) upon arrival. This Smart Badge has the person’s name printed on it along with built-in technology being used across the event. As an vendor/sponsor at the event, you have the option to participate with this integrated event solution. You will be provided with a slimline 6-inch, 4G-enabled device that you can use for the duration of the event. Tapping an attendee Smart Badge on the provided device unlocks the attendee contact information as a lead to you. It’s simple to use - no bar codes, QR codes, or worries about installing an app on your own device. Simply hold the device, tap an attendee’s Smart Badge and they’re instantly captured as a lead. 


  • Quickly unlock an attendee as a lead by tapping the Smart Badge.

  • Add notes and other profile information to improve the quality of the lead.

  • Create and assign custom tags to leads to improve segmentation and post-event follow-up. E.g. ‘hot’, ‘warm’, ‘cold’ or the name of the salesperson who captured the lead.

  • Create email templates to instantly send your content to captured leads, such as brochures or whitepapers. .

  • View a history of all leads and add further detail at any stage after capturing the lead.

  • Perform an instant lead export from your device and receive an email link to a CSV file containing your lead information.


  • Enjoy a completely stress-free experience; Jomablue staff will be onsite throughout the entire event to support your team.

  • Eliminate manual data entry and filtering through business cards after the event.

  • Instantly import lead data into your CRM system whenever you want with no need to wait.

  • Ensure your product/company information is in attendees’ inboxes instantly, not one week later.

  • Enable multiple staff to capture leads using multiple devices and ensure real-time syncing of lead data across all devices.

What you need to do

Once your device order is confirmed, you will be provided with a unique private website address which will allow you to create email templates. After completing the setup of the email templates you are able to easily send that content from the lead capture device. All emails are sent from an event-related domain (e.g. You are free to customise the subject and all email content. 

We offer a default email template, where you have the option to change the sample image, title and body content. You can have as many emails as you like, and they are easily selected from your Lead Capture device. When setting up an email template you will be required to enter an email Nickname (Up to 60 characters) which is displayed on the lead capture device, Email Subject (Up to 190 characters) and the content in the email

In addition to the template we support full HTML emails allowing you to completely customised the content to suit your existing email communications. If you do decide to provide your own email template, you are responsible for the full HTML email, including inline styles, starting and ending with <html> tags.

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