Q. Which payment gateways can be used with Jomablue?

A. Jomablue supports Stripe and Braintree by PayPal.

Q. Which payment gateway is right for me?

A. For a projected annual revenue of $250,000 AUD or less, Stripe requires no pre-approvals and can be set up immediately. For higher projected revenues, Braintree or Stripe are equally viable.

Q. We have a PayPal account already. Can we use that?

A. No, a PayPal account can not be used. Whoever will be the recipient of the funds requires a specific Braintree account.

Q. If I have an existing Stripe or Braintree account can I use that? 

A. Absolutely. 

Q. How long does it take to setup a Braintree account?

A. After all the required paperwork is submitted it takes 1 to 2 weeks for the account to be setup.

Q. What do we need to start the Braintree setup process?

A. Jomablue will send an introductory email to the Braintree Account Manager. They have specific knowledge of the Jomablue product and will ensure the right level of support during the setup phase. 

Q. How much does Braintree cost to use?

A. Braintree is an external organisation from Jomablue and so we are not able to provide a price on the service they offer. An introductory email by Jomablue to the assigned Account Manager is the first step. Ensuring we selected a gateway provider that not only offered the best technology solution but was also competitive was obviously a deciding factor in our selection of Braintree.

Q. How long does it take to setup a Stripe account?

A. Once you create your Stripe account login, you are able to start using your account immediately

Q. How much does Stripe cost to use?

A. Stripe is an external organisation from Jomablue so we are not able to provide a price on the services they offer, but their pricing information is available on their website

Q. What about PCI Compliance? 

A. With both Stripe and Braintree, you will need to complete a self assessment questionnaire in regards to PCI compliance. The questionnaire takes about 20m to complete and will be sent directly to you by either provider. 

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