The email template system within Jomablue allows for Vendors to insert buttons into their templates which will allow the receiver to download files. This can be used to share whitepapers, brochures, posters, or any other documentation that Vendors may wish to share with their leads. 

Adding a file to a Vendor Lead Capture Email Template is done via the Template Editor within the Vendor Portal. To access these Templates, do the following:

  1. Click on Vendors in the menu in Jomablue, then type in the search bar to select a Vendor

  2. Click on Copy Vendor Portal URL at the right-hand side of the screen - this will copy the Vendor Portal URL to your clipboard

  3. Paste the copied URL into a browser to visit the Vendor Portal, then click on Email Templates at the top-left of the screen, click on the Template you wish to edit, then click Launch Editor

To add a file to the email do the following:

  1. Insert a button from the content tab on the right-hand side of the email editor

  2. Click on the button to bring it into focus, then click Link file in the Content Properties view on the right-hand side of the editor

  3. Upload a file to the File Manager

  4. Press Insert to add the file to the button

Note: the maximum file size for the File Manager is 12 MB - however if you expect your Attendees to view the files on their mobile devices, it is best to keep the files as small as possible (we recommend <2 MB). Files above this size may be slow to download or display on certain devices.

A demonstration of this process can be seen below:

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