Restricted sessions can be managed during Session Check-in to either allow or deny entry to that session. For example you may want to prevent staff entering a popular session, to ensure a good experience for customers that wish to attend. 

To restricted session access you can toggle Restrictions from within the session detail in Jomablue. 

Restricted sessions will appear with a red padlock in the event app. 

If a session is restricted, the conditions of entry are based on: 

  • Direct person entitlement

  • The category of a person

Direct Person Entitlement

Generally used if you are selling a session or workshop that someone must register or pay to attend. In Jomablue this is generally entitled via a bulk upload, but it can also be manually edited on the person record.

To enable Direct Person Entitlement restrictions on a session:

  • Navigate to the Session page

  • Select Yes to Restricted Session

  • Press Save

To manually adjust a persons entitlement to the session:

  • Navigate to the Person record

  • Select Entitlements tab

  • Select (+) Icon and select which sessions you want to entitle them too

  • Save

Here is a demonstration of adding and removing a persons entitlement

Category Entitlement

This is generally used if you want to allow or prevent certain categories of people from attended particular sessions. You can use this to either include or exclude categories (based on your selections).

To enable category based entitlement restrictions on a session:

  • Navigate to the Session detail

  • Select Yes to Restricted Session

  • Press (+) next to the Allowed Categories

  • Toggle the categories you wish to allow entry

  • Press Save

If the person belongs to any of the allowed categories, they will be allowed entry to the sessions. 

Here is where you add Categories to the Allowed Categories section of a Restricted Session.

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