How does a Person check in to a Session?

Prior to the Session commencing, the staff at the entrance to the Session will be equipped with Jomablue Session Check-In devices. As Attendees arrive, they'll be directed to tap their Smart Badges onto the Check-In devices - at which point their time of arrival will be recorded and uploaded to Jomablue.

Can a Person check out of a Session too?

Yes! The Jomablue Session Check-In devices can be configured to Check Out from a session too - this can be useful when CPD/CPE accreditation requires the time spent in a session to be recorded.

Can I send content to a guest upon checking in to a Session?

Yes! When an attendee checks in to a Session, you can configure Jomablue to send them an email, SMS, and/or a Card in their Event App Feed. For more information on how to configure this see here

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