Touchpoints are a great way to deliver content, facilitate call-to-actions, provide entry to competitions, and otherwise generate interactions with your Attendees - either as free-standing or statically mounted at strategic locations around your Exhibition space, or attached to Vendor/Exhibition stands. Some examples of typical use-cases for Touchpoints include, but are not limited to:

  • Send an SMS link to download the event app at the information counter

  • Send an SMS or email with a link to view an event map

  • Provide a tap-to-subscribe to the event/company newsletter or mailing list

  • Provide a tap-to-download stand for content within your exhibition hall, or attached to a specific Vendor for Vendor-related information download

  • Provide a tap-to-enter draw for prize or competition

  • Provide a tap-to-donate for select charities

  • Provide a means to send Session Related Content to attendees of a Session

  • Provide a means for tracking Item Collection

Free-standing or static Touchpoints are a great way to encourage attendee interaction with your event and allow you to gain a deeper understanding into your attendees' individual journeys across the event. Not only do they improve insights into your event for follow-up sales and marketing strategies, they also add value to your event for the attendees via extending the life span of your event content beyond the event itself, and providing another way to interact with the event. 

Touchpoints attached to Vendor/Exhibition stands provide an inviting and easy-to-use method of delivering Vendor-related content.

Build Features

Features include:

  • Self contained unit

  • Ability to be integrated into built structures, e.g. counter top, walls, benches, coffee tables etc

  • Can be attached to fixtures, walls, signage, etc, or can be handheld

  • Battery powered

  • Front-facing Smart Badge reader with animations and icons to indicate where the Smart Badge should be tapped

  • Attention-grabbing screen elements designed to attract users from afar

General and Vendor-Specific Content Download

Touchpoints are a fantastic way to make additional content available to your attendees - you can set up SMS messages, Emails, or Event App Cards to be sent to your Attendees upon tapping their Smart Badge onto a Touchpoint. 

Content Download can be used in a Static/Freestanding configuration (for general event-related content), or attached to Vendor/Exhibitor stalls (for Vendor-specific content).

Some screenshots of the Touchpoint screens can be seen below:

A highly valuable use of Touchpoints is to deliver content related to sessions. Content can be delivered via email, SMS, or Cards delivered via a person's Feed within the App. Touchpoint content is a great way to capture a much deeper level of engagement of an attendee, providing a rich data point along that person's journey.

To encourage content demand by attendees we recommend;

  1. When using static (free-standing) Touchpoints, ensure they are well advertised and clear in instruction on how to tap a badge to receive content.

  2. Ensure each speaker providing content includes a holding slide indicating to the audience that content is provided for their session.

  3. If using staff to deliver content via Touchpoints, ensure they are vocal and visible to the audience during and after the session.

  4. To ensure attendees are aware of content delivery via Cards, our approach is to:

  5. Send an SMS upon entry of the first session of the day, informing them that they will receive related content from the sessions via their app feed. 

  6. From this point onward, all related content will be sent to their feed upon entry into the relevant sessions.

 *If you are not using the Live Engagement App, we recommend you send related content upon session entry via Email.

For more information on Session Related Content, see here

Item Collection with Touchpoints

Touchpoints can also be used to facilitate physical item collection at your event. Our Item Collection allows for the following;

  • Event staff can monitor and control inventory levels such as T-shirts and tote bags 

  • Ensure only entitled attendees receive their gifts

  • Prevent 'double-dipping' through real-time updating of a person's record once they have collected

  • Improve budget allocation and reduce waste through accurate monitoring of stock levels

In order to setup Touchpoint devices for item collection, we require the relevant information to be included in the event data i.e. T-shirt sizes should be included for each attendee record, or the number of 'gifts' a particular attendee is entitled to.

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