We encourage sending the survey to attendees as soon after the closing of the event as possible. You could also followup one or two business days later via email to those who haven't responded.

How can we send the Event Survey?

In Jomablue you can schedule campaigns to send the survey via SMS or Email at any time. The SMS or email will contain a unique link per delegate. 

I'm running a competition, can I include the Terms and Conditions?

Yes, in the Survey footer, you can include a link to your terms and conditions.

Once a person submits the survey, what do they see?

This is customisable per survey. We recommend thanking them and linking them to your website or other relevant event content. HTML links are supported in the success message. 

Can I change the colour of the survey?
Yes, the colour is customisable per survey, just ensure its a contrasting colour to white (all fonts are white).

Can I include a logo on the Survey?
No, the survey is designed to load efficiently for attendees, and ensure capturing their feedback is as frictionless as possible. For this reason, we don't support logos or images in the survey.

How long does it take to process the results?

The raw data is available instantly inside Jomablue. 

Can you tell who answered specific questions? 

Yes, results are attributed to a person. 

Do users need to sign in?

No, there is no sign-in page or app to download. It's a one-tap-to-launch solution, ensuing it's as frictionless as possible to gather attendee feedback.

How many times can a user submit the survey?
Only once. If they try to visit the link again, they will see a message that says "Survey already completed".

Is it OK to ask more than 20 questions?
Technically there is no reason, but in our experience people might lose interest half way through, and results are not captured until they press submit at the bottom of the page.

Do we need the Event App to use Survey?

No, the Event App is not required for using the survey. 

Can the Email/SMS used to communicate about the survey be customised?
Yes the content of the Email or SMS can be configured under "Templates".

Does the survey work on desktop as well as Mobile devices?
Yes, any device with a modern browser.

Can I make certain questions or part of questions Bold?
We don't support custom styling inside of questions or question groups. 

Can I reorder an entire question Group?

No, question groups are displayed in the order they are added to the survey.

Can I preview the Survey?
Yes, there is a preview button. This link is public (no sign in required), so you can share it with non-Jomablue users. 

Can I use Survey Sessions if using Jomablue Event Kit?
No, you are required to use Jomablue's Smart badge solution.

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