When will I have access to my Live Event Dashboard?

The Live Event Dashboard is typically provided once all registration data and event information has been imported into Jomablue. If the Event App is being announced, we can accommodate to provide the Dashboard for this release, provided all event information and attendee records have been imported. Your Jomablue Project Manager will advise you on when the Dashboard will become available.

Do I need to log in to the Live Event Dashboard?

Using the Live Event Dashboard requires a Jomablue login, or a Jomablue Organiser Dashboard login. To request a Jomablue login, send an email to servicedesk@jomablue.com and CC in the authorised contact for your Jomablue instance.

How do I access the Dashboard on-site?

The Dashboard has been designed for easy use on mobile devices. Once you have a Jomablue login, or a Jomablue Organiser Dashboard login, save this link as a bookmark on your phone to access the event stats quickly. 

The Dashboard is suitable for both desktop and mobile devices, so it can be viewed on any device you desire. It is also suitable to be displayed on a large display (e.g. a TV).

How often is the Dashboard updated?

The Dashboard is refreshed every 10 seconds.

Can I have custom Widgets on my Dashboard?

The standard Event Dashboard has a pre-defined set of widgets, with which you can see overviews of all aspects of your Event. If your requirements are not covered by these widgets, consult your Jomablue Project Manager to discuss your options.

Updated for Jomablue 3.32 onward

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