The Jomablue Smart Badge is a white PVC card with an embedded NFC chip. It functions as a name badge and digital business card for Attendees, Vendors, Staff, and Crew while on-site at events.


The dimensions of the Smart Badge are 85.6mm wide x 54mm high x 0.8mm thick. These can be attached to a lanyard via a pouch (no slot required) or a clip (slot required on either the short or long edge). Some dimensions and diagrams can be seen below (not to scale):

Lanyard slot:

  • Dimensions: 15mm wide x 3mm high

  • Distance between top edge of Badge and top edge of slot: 3mm

No Slot

Long Edge Slot

Short Edge Slot

Artwork and Printing

Attendee information can only be printed on one side of the Smart Badge. By default this is printed in black ink on a white Badge, but white ink is also available in the case of dark custom printed/coloured Badges. Additionally, Smart Badges support inverted printing of specific fields on the Smart Badge - so a white badge can have white text printed on it inside a black box.

There is an option for printing custom colours or artwork on one or both sides of your Smart Badges The artwork needs to be supplied to the above specifications with a 5mm bleed. Artwork or colours may incur an additional fee - consult your Jomablue Project Manager.

Important: please leave at least 60% of the front face of the Smart Badge clear to allow for sufficient space to print your Attendee's details. This assumes 3 lines of information (e.g. First Name, Last Name, Company), additional space would be recommended for more lines. A background can occupy this area as long as it is uniform and can be printed on.

Updated for Jomablue 3.31.2 onward

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