Note - this is an advanced article with complex information about how the Recommendations algorithm works. If you will be using this function be sure to consult your Jomablue Project Manager.

Attendees using networking in Community are offered suggestions on who they should connect with. This intelligent networking recommendation algorithm can be influenced by adding weights to custom fields. 

Some examples of ways in which you can influence these recommendations:

Adding weight to a custom fields called "Language" will result in people that speak the same language being recommended higher to each other than those that don't.

People that share common interests or expectations of the event will be recommended to each other.

The important piece of this is ensuring accurate, complete and good structured data is present on people records. This can be done using Jomablue registration, or if you're importing data - ensure you import meaningful custom fields.

How to Influence Recommendations

To influence networking recommendations, you need to add a value between 0 and 10 (inclusive). The higher the score, the more influential that custom field is when generating recommendations to the attendee.

  • Enter the Weight that corresponds with the custom fields

  • Press Save

When you are entering weights for custom fields, ask yourself:

If two people share a particular custom field:

  • How likely they would be to get along?

  • Is sharing that custom field more influential than attending the same session?

Additional Information about Weights

Weight of 0
When entering zero (default), the custom field has no influence on the recommendation generation (use this for fields like "Dietary Requirements"). This is the default setting when custom fields are added to Jomablue. 

Weight of 5
 This is the default for sessions attended and is not customisable.

Weights 1-10
For custom fields you can use any value, important fields such as "Primary Interest" generally rate higher than fields like "How did you hear about us"


Example Configuration

In this configuration, we don't want Attending Dinner and Dietary Requirements influencing - so they are set to 0. 

We also deem the Company Type and Employee Count less important than common sessions that attendee attend (as that is a default of 5), but we gave it a score so that is has some influence.

Importantly, people that share the same language and Primary Interest we want to connect, so we have given them a higher-than-5 score. 

Updated for Jomablue 5.3 onwards

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