To get the full experience out of Community, users are able to log in with their registered details. This provides them with a personalised experience and will allow access to other areas of the Community (such as Sessions and Vendor Canvases) that are inaccessible without logging in.

Note - limited functionality is still available to users who are not logged in, but we recommend that users log in for the full experience

The Login Block appears in the Lobby of the Community, and looks like this:

Authentication limits

To mitigate sharing of Community login details by multiple people, there is a limit to the number of devices that a user can be logged in to at the same time. By default, this limit is 5 devices/browsers - if a user attempts to log in to a 6th device or browser, then the first device/browser will be forcibly logged out, and a warning message will be displayed on the 6th device(see below):

This limit is set at an instance level and can be raised/lowered as required.

Authentication Methods

The two supported methods of authentication with Community are:

  • Logging in with a mobile/cell phone number

  • Logging in with an email address

In both cases the login process in the same:

Note - if a user enters their email address or mobile number, and there is more than one Person record with that email/mobile (referred to as a Duplicate Record in the above diagram), then the user will be asked to supply additional information (in the form of their first and last name) to log in to the Community.

Jomablue Registration supports the cleaning and collection of all data for these purposes. If registration data is provided to Jomablue, the mobile/cell phone numbers must be in E.164 format (see here), and the email addresses must be valid, or the Attendees will be unable to log in to Community.

Updated for Jomablue 5.3 onward

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