For information on the Content Requirements for Email Templates, see this article.

During the life cycle of your Event you will need to communicate information to your Attendees, Crew, and/or Staff. These can be customised and scheduled to be sent out via Campaigns within Jomablue (see here for more about Campaigns). 

To create a new Email Template, navigate to Event Configuration > Templates, then click on the New Email Content button. A drop-down menu will appear with the available types of Email Templates:

The Email Template types are:

  • Session - Session Templates are used to generate Emails to be sent to Attendees upon having checked in to a Session

  • Event General - Event General Templates are used to generate generic Emails that can be sent to Attendees via General Campaigns

  • Event Ticket - Event Ticket Templates are used to send e-Ticket links to your Attendees prior to your Event via e-Ticket Send Campaigns

  • Touchpoint - Touchpoint Templates are used to send content, surveys, or any other information you wish to convey to your Attendees when they tap their Smart Badge onto a Touchpoint

  • Registration Reminder - Registration Reminder templates are used to generate Registration Reminder emails - these emails are sent to people who have one or more Products that have been ordered, but not activated

  • Survey - Survey Email Templates are used to generate the emails used to send a link to a Post-Event Survey

Tips and Tricks

  • When creating a Name for your Template, be sure to include the Event Name, Template Type, and intended audience for that Template. Some examples can be seen below:

With Project Name:


With Project Code:


Template General Settings

Upon creating a new Email Template (any type), you'll see the general Template settings, which are common across all Template types:

  • Type - the type of Template selected - this is set when the option is selected in the New Email Content button menu, and cannot be changed

  • Name - The name of the template itself. As above in the Tips and Tricks section, be sure to give your template a meaningful name

  • Subject - the subject line of the Email that will be generated from this Template

  • Status - the status drop-down can be set to either "Pending" or "Approved". This is for your internal purposes only as it is simply a visual indicator, and does not affect the behaviour of the template in any way - we recommend setting the Template to "Pending" until it has been approved internally by your own organisation

Once these options are set, you can edit the template itself by clicking on the Edit Template button at the top right of the page.

Email Template Editor

We use an industry leading email template editor to make creating emails easy. They conduct regular testing on all the latest email clients to ensure maximum deliverability, and correct rendering on all commonly used devices for reading emails. They have a small collection of articles to explain how to use the editor which you can find here.

Depending on the type of Email Template you have selected, the Email Template Editor will be pre-filled with a sample email suitable for the desired type. The Editor itself is a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor - elements can be dragged in from the content section on the right hand side of the Editor to populate the Template. In the Actions menu at the top-left of the Editor, a Send test email option is available - selecting this and entering an email address will send a test email to that address.

Note: although the merge tags such as *PERSON_FIRST_NAME* are available in the editor, the text "[Customer Contact Details]" will not be replaced with your contact details - you need to replace that text with the appropriate contact details yourself.

Merge Tag Availability

The following Email Template types can utilise the following Merge Tags:




  • Touchpoint: PERSON_FIRST_NAME

  • Registration Reminder: EVENT_NAME, PASSCODE, ORDER_URL


The following Email Template types can utilise the following Special Links:

  • Event General: Support (for use with Triggered Registration Confirmation Campaigns only)

  • Event Ticket: Ticket (e-Ticket URL)

  • Registration Reminder: Order (Order URL)

  • Survey: Survey (Survey URL)

Additionally, all Templates contain the "Unsubscribe" Special link, which will allow the user to unsubscribe that email address from all Jomablue-sent communications.

Email Template Preview

After the Email Template has been saved, a preview of the Template will become available, as seen below:

This preview will display the Template as it would appear to a recipient, however the variables will display as in the preview above. The buttons at the top right of the preview area allow you to preview the email as if it were viewed on either a desktop device or a mobile device.

Creating your first e-Ticket Email Template 

Updated for Jomablue 3.29.2 onward

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