To create a survey, navigate to Surveys and select Add Survey

You must populate the following fields;

 Name - An internal name so you can easily identify the survey
 Title - The title that attendees will see
 Description - Text that the attendees will see

Optionally you can configure; 

Colour - The header colour of the survey, must be entered as a hex value and be a contrasting colour to white. 

Close Time - After the set time the survey can no longer be accessed by anyone with a link to the survey. 

Footer Text - Generally used to list terms and conditions of submitting the survey. 

Success Message - What attendees will see after they submit the survey

Adding Questions to the Survey

  • Click on the survey you wish to edit (click on the survey name)

  • Add a question group. A question group is a collection of similar question.

  • Within a group add a question and define the possible values for that question

Keep in mind that you can preview the survey, by navigating back one page and pressing "Preview" 

Here is an example of adding question groups and questions: 

Adding dynamic session questions to a survey

When creating a Survey in Jomablue you have the option to include questions related to a session that a person has attended. As a person taps their Smart Badge and checks-in to a session, the survey question linked to that session will then be including in their personalised survey.

How to create session-related questions in a Survey:

  • Navigate to the Survey you have created, and then click on the Survey name to edit the questions

  • At the bottom of the Survey, check the Survey Sessions Attended box. A dialog box will appear allowing you to select any number of Sessions

  • Create a new group of questions by clicking Add Group, give it a name, title, and description

  • Within the group, add questions and define the possible values for the questions, e.g. rate the speaker of this session, on a scale of 1-10 how relevant was the content of this session?

    Note: this group of questions will appear for each session you would like to include 

  • Click Save

Including session questions in multiple surveys

If you are creating multiple surveys in one event and want to include session questions, please note that you may only select sessions in one survey at a time. A survey must be closed before you can add session questions to another. 

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