During the campaign setup process you were required to send a test - this is to ensure you have had the opportunity for a final review before scheduling the campaign. 

The test merges all merge tags based on the selected test recipient, it will also use fallback values if the selected person does not have a value to merge. 

Important: Test Sends will merge actual values for the selected test recipient. You must ensure you don't see un-merged tags in your Tests.

Example of a test SMS that is showing in merged tags - DO NOT PROCEED TO SEND CAMPAIGN

Correctly received Test

What is the different between the Test and the Production Campaign?

The only difference between the two is the following: 


  • the subject is prefixed automatically with "TEST:" 

  • "TEST:" is not included in the Production Campaign


  • The body of the SMS is prefixed with "TEST:"

  • "TEST:" is not included in the Production Campaign

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