Custom Fields are a powerful tool for collecting and structuring the data you collect from your Attendees - to get the most out of them, it is important to carefully plan how you will use them before creating them in the Portal.

You can also choose which custom fields you allocate to a product.  For example, with a Student Admission, you may want to ask for a Student Number, however this custom field would not be applicable to a Delegate Admission.  Further to this, you could remove Title and Company fields from the Student Admission.

Clean, Structured Data

One of the most important things to consider when planning Custom Fields is ensuring that the data will be as structured as possible. This serves a dual purpose - structured data will make the event planning process itself simpler, and will mean the data at the end of the event is far more meaningful.

An important thing to consider when structuring your data is keeping it as clean and consistent as possible - this is especially important if you are feeding the data collected by Jomablue back into your organisation's CRM or similar system. When that is the case, we recommend structuring your Custom Fields so that they are the same as your CRM for easy importing and interpreting.

Wherever possible, we recommend using single selection fields or radio selectors, and only use free text entry where absolutely necessary. Jomablue supports allowing "Other" as an option when using single selection fields - for fields where the bulk of attendees will fall into one of a few defined options, this is the best option. 

Event Logistics Fields

Custom Fields can be used to gather and structure data related to the logistics surrounding your event - examples of Event Logistics-related fields include:

  • Special Dietary Requirements - a Custom Field can be used to collect the dietary requirements of your Attendees 

  • Accessibility Requirements - a Custom Field can be used to collect information around the accessibility requirements of your Attendees - such as spatial/physical access requirements, or hearing induction loop requirements

  • State/Country - a Custom Field can be used to collect information regarding where your Attendees are coming from and how best to accommodate them

  • Item collection - are your attendees entitled to receive a t-shirt?  This is where you can put the list of styles/sizes/colours for them to select from.

Sales and Marketing Fields

Another application of Custom Fields is to gather data that can be used by your Sales and Marketing teams in order to best target your Attendees with sales and marketing material. Fields can be used to capture information about your Attendees including:

  • Areas of Interest - Custom Fields can be used to gather information about your Attendee's Areas of Interest during the registration process

  • Industry, Organisation Size, Employment Level etc - Custom Fields can be used to gather information about your Attendees in relation to their Organisation, in order to better target your sales and marketing material

Intelligent Networking Fields

Custom Fields can be configured to influence the Intelligent Networking algorithm within the Networking feature of the Event App - gathering information about what your Attendees are interested in (as well as any other information you may deem relevant when recommending Attendees to each other) is done via Custom Fields. For more information on Intelligent Networking see this article.

Setting up your Custom Fields

Once you've planned your Custom Fields, you'll be ready to set them up in Jomablue - for instructions on how to do this, see this article

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