One of the most important steps in the creation of your Event is correctly setting up Categories - as they affect everything from Attendee Communication to Entitlements, as well as your data export after your Event. 

Important: before continuing, ensure you have finalised your plans for your Categories - if you have not already done so, please read this article before continuing.

Important: Categories, once created, exist across your entire Instance, not just the Event you are currently in, however when you create a new Event all Categories will be disabled. We recommend re-using Categories where possible, but only where it makes sense without changing the Category name (i.e. you can re-use a VIP Category across multiple Events, but don't re-name it "Executive" and then use it as an Executive Category).

Creating a Category

To create a Category, log in to Jomablue and then navigate to Event Configuration > Categories. You'll see a list of Categories (if they already exist in your Instance), and a New Category button up at the top right - click that button to start creating a new Category.

You'll be presented with a single-field form where you can enter the name of your Category, then click the Save button at the top-right of the screen.

That's it! You've created that Category and it will now appear in the list of Categories. Click on Event Configuration > Categories to return to the list of Categories and you'll be able to see it. When a Category is created, the In Event toggle switch will be set to the On position in the Event you are currently in, but will be set to Off in all other Events (you can switch it On if you wish to use the same Category in another Event).

Managing Categories

Once all your Categories exist in Jomablue, you'll be able to manage them via the Categories page. Click on Event Configuration > Categories and you'll see a list that looks something like this:

Each column in this view is as follows:

  • Category Name - the name of the Category

  • Total People - the total number of People that belong to that Category. This includes People that have been cancelled from the Event

  • In Event - this toggle enables/disables the Category in the Event that you are currently in

  • Category Event Details - this button allows you to further customise the behaviour of the Category - for more on this read this article

  • Default - this column displays which Category is the default - click on Make default to make the corresponding Category into the default Category

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