Often sessions run back-to-back, and you have limited or no opportunity to obtain the check in data from people that remain seated in the room. 

Using Jomablue Session Entry (Check in) as well as Session Exit (Check out) as they leave, we can intelligently infer which sessions they attended in-between those two data points. 

When inferred sessions is enabled, Jomablue's inferred sessions algorithm will determine attendance based on a variety of inputs. The biggest input is the minimum stay percentage, which you can control - more on that later.

Inferring is useful when:

  • You have a limited changeover time between sessions

  • Attendees generally remain seated for several sessions in a row

  • Attendees must have been in a session for a certain amount of time before you consider them as "attending"

Enabling Inferred Session Intelligence 

  • Navigate to Event Configuration >  Settings > Event Settings Tab

  • Select Yes

How does it work

To allow Jomablue to infer sessions you must be using Session Entry (Check in) and Session Exit (Check out) at your event. Then the following rules apply; 

  • If a Person entered (checks in) to a Session in a Location

  • AND that Person has a exited (checks out) of the same Location

  • AND if that Person was in the Session for longer than the Minimum Stay Percentage

  • AND that Person does not have any interactions (check in or check out) at any other Location during this time

We then infer that they have remained in the room the entire time and therefor has attended all the sessions between the two data points. 

Visual example

Minimum Stay Percentage

The Minimum Stay Percentage is a feature of Inferred Sessions that ensures the data is more meaningful when it comes to calculating who did and who did not actually attend a Session. If Session A and Session B are back-to-back, and Session A runs overtime, People checking out after it finishes (i.e. 10 mins into Session B) should not be counted as having attended Session B. 

The Minimum Stay Percentage is the minimum period of time required to have attended a Session in order to have been considered as having attended that Session. By default the value for this is 60% - this number can be set to any percentage after enabling Inferred Sessions (see below).

The algorithm is more lenient towards attendance (vs non-attendance), as false negatives for attendance are in general a lot less desirable than false positives.

Using the above example, Session A and Session B are each 100 minutes long, then if a Person checks in at the beginning of Session A, then they will also be inferred as having attended Session B if they check out of Session B after the 60-minute mark. If they check out before the 60-minute mark, they will not be inferred as having attended this Session.

How do I see Inferred Sessions? 

Inferred sessions presents itself anywhere the session information is displayed. In other words, once enabled, you can assume any data you are seeing that relates to sessions is counting based on inferred. For Example:

  • Displayed in the Person Detail > Interactions and Session Attended Tab

  • Visible in Exports

  • Event App users see "Attended" icons in their agenda

  • Event App networking recommendations will consider them as attended

  • Attendees will receive a question for the inferred session if using dynamic surveys

  • Insights charts include inferred in their counts. 

Other important things to note

  • If you're using Inferred sessions, your insight counts for "Checked in to session" will appear understated as we are unable to infer until we receive the session exit interaction. If there are back to back sessions, we might not receive that session check out for an hour or two after the first session starts. 

  • Jomablue will not infer a restricted session if the person was not entitled to that restricted session. 

  • Inferring can be enabled (and disabled) retrospectively. 

  • If changes are made to the minimum stay values or as inferred is enabled, it can take up to 10m to see the results in Jomablue. 

  • People that have checked in to a location and never checked out, or interacted anywhere else, will be marked as attending the session they entered (providing they meet the minimum stay percentage)

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