When using Jomablue Session Check-in devices, you'll see a number of different screens based on the type of Session and the mode that the device is in. Some demonstrations can be found below:

Unrestricted Session Check-in

When a Session is not set to Restricted, any Attendee will be able to check in to that Session successfully. Screenshots of the experience can be seen below:

A demonstration of this experience can be seen below:

Restricted Session Check-in

When utilising the Restricted Session features of Jomablue, different screens will be displayed on the device if someone who is not entitled to attend the Session tries to check in:

Note that the text "See information desk" can be customised with whichever text you require.

Restricted Session Override

Jomablue Restricted Sessions support an Override feature - if enabled, the staff member using the Session Check-in Device can override a Restricted Session, allowing any Attendee to check in to the session. Note that the Override button will only become visible during the Check-in buffer and the duration of a Session with Override allowed.

Screenshots of a Restricted Session denying entry to an Attendee, followed by the Override being enabled, and the Attendee being admitted to the Session can be seen below:

See below for a demonstration:

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