Sharing content with your Session Attendees is a great way to increase engagement. You may choose to send content such as whitepapers or session slides which can be achieved in Jomablue in 3 different ways: 

  1. Sharing content via an SMS or email upon checking in to a Session (click here for more)

  2. Sharing content via a Session Card in the Event App (click here for more)

  3. Sharing Session Related Content via a Touchpoint device (click here for more)

For each method, the following is required:

  • The Session which you want the content to be sent from is entered into Jomablue¬†

  • Any text that you want to be included (including external hyperlinks)

  • Any images or logos that you want to be included, including banners, logos, and any other images to be included in the content (email only)

  • Any files that you want to be included with the content (email only)

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