In Jomablue, you can send Session content to Attendees via Email or SMS upon check-in to a Session. When their Smart Badge is tapped on a Session Check-in device, the Attendee will instantly receive an SMS or email containing downloadable content.

Content upon checking in to Session can be sent via:

  • SMS - can include text and/or hyperlinks

  • Email - can include text, images and files to download


How to configure Session content shared via email or SMS in Jomablue:

  1. Create a Session Check-in SMS template or a Session email template. Remember to include any text or hyperlinks to the downloadable content

  2. Navigate to Sessions, then select the Session you would like to content to be available forĀ 

  3. Go to the check-in tab > Upon entry, send section

  4. Select the email or SMS template from the drop down:

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