In Jomablue, you can send Session content to your Session Attendees via a Session Card in their Event App feed. When the Attendee checks in to a Session, a Card in their Event App Feed will display: 

  • The name of the attended Session

  • The time the Attendee attended the Session

  • Custom HTML configurable within Jomablue

  • A link to the downloadable content

Please note Attendees must be logged into the Event App to view their personalised Feed.

How to configure a Session Card in the Event App

  1. Navigate to Sessions and select the Session you would like to link the content to, then click on the Check-in tab

  2. In the Feed - Live Engagement App section, populate the Card Link Label field, set the Link Type to External, enter a Card Link External URL and Card HTML Content (plain text also supported) as below:

Explanation of fields: 

Card Link Label - the Card can have a link included, and this is the text that will display as that link. Note: to configure the following 2 fields, there must be text in this field.

Card Link Type - the link included with the Card can either an external or internal link. Note: the internal link feature is for Jomablue internal use only

Card Link External URL - the URL to which the link is pointed. This can be a download link for a whitepaper, or a link to your website; anything that you want your guests to visit after having attended the Session.

Card HTML content - the Card can have HTML content with basic HTML - click here to see what HTML is supported.

Please note: any image or animation content you wish to display in a Session Card must be hosted externally

Updated for Jomablue 3.32 onward

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