In Jomablue, you can make additional Session Related Content available to your Session Attendees via a Touchpoint device. When an Attendee taps their Smart Badge on a Touchpoint device, Session Related Content can be distributed to them instantly via:

  • SMS - can include text and/or hyperlinks

  • Email - can include text, images, and hyperlinks

  • Event App Card - can include HTML, images, and hyperlinks


How to configure a session-related content to be sent via a Touchpoint device:

  1. Create a Session SMS Template, a Session Email Template, or a Card Template. Remember to include any text or hyperlinks to the downloadable content

  2. Navigate to Sessions and select the Session you would like to link the content to

  3. Go to the Related Content tab, edit your exit buffer, and select the Touchpoint SMS Template, Touchpoint Email Template, or Card Template relating to that Session

See below for an example:

Updated for Jomablue 3.29 onward

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