For an elevated Attendee experience, you can configure a personalised welcome message to Attendees. Using Jomablue Campaigns and Triggers, you can automatically deliver a Welcome message the moment they check in to the Event. 

For example, you could send the following SMS to an Attendee upon Check-in; 

It is a great way to communicate key information, links to the Event App, or simply a personalised welcome from the CEO. 

Creating a Welcome Campaign

Before you get started, ensure you have created some "General" Templates under Event Configuration > Templates. 

  • Navigate to Campaigns

  • Select Campaign Builder 

  • Select General

  • Select the Channel you want to send the Campaign via

  • Select the template, you will see a preview of the selected template

  • Send a test to ensure the merge values are as expected

  • Name the campaign something meaningful

  • Set the Sending Rules

  • Select Trigger, select Event Check In and configure the trigger rules

  • Review and Confirm

Set Sending Rules

It is important to understand the functionality of these sending rules to get the desired outcome and people don't receive repeat campaigns.

To understand this, you first need to understand the trigger logic. Once a trigger is fired, the rules are checked for that particular person, if they match the rule the campaign is sent to them. 

Has not had their badge printed
Set this when you only want to fire this campaign once to a particular person. As the first time they check-in to the event and when this trigger is fired for the first time, they match the rules of "has not had their badge printed".

To make this concept easier to understand; Think of the badge printed as an outcome of a trigger of having your e-Ticket scanned (aka Event Check-in).  

If they were to get their badge re-printed, they would no longer match the rule as they have already had their badge printed before that trigger time. 

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