Important: Prior to adding Sessions, you must add Locations for the sessions to belong to. 

To create a Session in Jomablue, you will need the following:

  • Session Name

  • Session start date/time and end date/time

  • Session Location

Creating a Session

  • Navigate to Sessions > New Session

  • Populate the Session Name (191 character limit), Start and Finish Date/Times, Location, and Description (HTML supported) fields

  • If you are using Traits, click the blue plus (+) icon to add Traits to the Session

  • If the Session is intended to be a Restricted Session, select the Yes option under Restricted Session - for more on Restricted Sessions, see this article

  • If the Session is intended to be hidden from the Event App, select the No option under Visible in Community

Modifying Check-in Parameters

Once a Session has been created, you can change the experience your Attendees will have upon Check-in to that Session. To change these settings in a Session, click on the Check In tab. Descriptions of each of the options can be found below:

  • Entry Buffer - this sets a buffer time (in minutes) for how long prior to a Session's start time that an Attendee can check in to that Session. By default this is 10 minutes

  • Upon Entry, Send - this allows you to select an Email and/or SMS Template to be sent to the Attendee upon checking in to the Session

Once a Session has been created, you can add Related Content to the Session that can be distributed via a Touchpoint device during or after the Session. To select the content that will be available, click on the Related Content tab, then set the following fields to appropriate values:

  • Exit Buffer - this is the length of time (in minutes) after a Session's end date/time that an Attendee can still download Related Content from a Touchpoint device. Defaults to 0 minutes

  • Upon Request for Content - the three drop-down menus here allow you to select an Email, SMS, or Card template to be sent to the Attendee upon them tapping their Smart Badge onto a Touchpoint device. Note that any combination of these can be used, so you could send an Event App Card and a SMS, for example.

Updated for Jomablue 3.31 onwards

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