Jomablue support a company wide user policy that allows you to define under what conditions a user account can be created. 

This can be used to remind the person creating new user accounts of your processes or approval requirements before they add the user to Jomablue.

User Account Listing Page:

Creating a New user:

Adding your User Policy

The organisation wide user policy is configured by the Jomablue success team. Simply get in touch and provide us with the Policy text (up to 190 characters) and we will be happy to apply this for you. 


  • This policy is limited to 190 plain text characters

  • When no policy is configured, no text will display

  • Policies are Organisation wide (ie; Apply to all events and users within your organisation)

  • Creation of new Jomablue users is limited to specific user roles, not all Jomablue user accounts have permission to create new user accounts. 

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