Get Stripe connected in minutes and start accepting credit cards using Jomablue. 

When you select Add a New Gateway you will be presented with the following fields. This article explains each field and where to retrieve them from in your Stripe Account.

Stripe Account Country (ISO 2 letters)

This is the country where the Stripe account was opened and is the country of the address listed under account settings here:

eg: AU, US, GB
A full list of Alpha 2 codes can be found here:

Charge Currency (3 letter ISO code)

The currency you want to charge for this event. Stripe will automatically convert the charge currency into the currency of your stripe account/bank account automatically.

 Supported Stripe currencies are listed here:



If you are using Publishable and Secret keys that are prefixed with pk_live then you need to select production.

If you are using  Publishable and Secret keys from stripe when you have "Viewing test data" enabled, then select Sandbox. 

Publishable Key (from Stripe Account)

You will find this in Stripe under Developer > API Keys

Secret Key (from Stripe Account)

You will find this in Stripe under Developer > API Keys

Entering your details into Jomablue

Once you have obtained your Stripe details, it's time to enter them in to Jomablue:

  • Navigate to Registration > Configuration, and click on the Payment Methods tab

  • Click on Add new Gateway

Enter the gateway details you obtained into the fields below

Once you have entered the details, click Save and we will automatically validate the credentials for you.

Updated for Jomablue 3.31 onward

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