Log exits can be used to track time spent in a location. This can be used for inferring session attendance or capturing the exact time spend in a location (or session) for CPE/CPD requirements.

Understanding how Log exits work

Firstly, this is enabled by location (not session). Which means for every session in that location, the event staff have the option to toggle the device between Entry and Exit mode. 

When the device is in either mode, tapping a Smart Badge will record either an Entry (Check In) or Exit (Check Out), for which ever session is currently displayed on screen.

Understanding which sessions is displayed on screen

Jomablue devices automatically keeps track of which session is currently on based on the session data entered. The devices held by event staff will automatically change to new sessions without intervention from the event staff. 

Entry Buffers
Entry buffers are used to allow the device to start capturing data for a session prior to the published start time. This is often because you want to start letting people into a session prior to the actual start time. 

For example: If a session is scheduled for 10am - 11am with an entry buffer of 15m. The event staff on the door can capture Entry (Check In) or Exit (Check Out) for this session between 9:45am and 11am.

A note about exit buffers:

These are for Session Related Content Only and have no bearing on Entry or Exit interactions. 

Entry for Session A but exit for Session B?

It is common when running back to back sessions that a person might have an entry interaction for Session A but not leave until after Session B has started (it could even be Session C or D). 

In this scenario the person would receive: 

  • Entry (Check in) for Session A with a timestamp

  • Exit (Check Out) for Session B with a timestamp (or Session C or D)

What impact does this have?

  • If you're using Inferred sessions feature, then the person would be considered to have attended both Session A and Session B

  • If you're not using inferred sessions, and are doing time-based reporting for CPE/CPD or similar, then you would need to calculate the time spent by looking for across all the sessions in that location for a Entry (Check in) and Exit (Check Out) timestamps.

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