Touchpoints are designed to deliver content to people as a data collection point. Touchpoints can be configured to optionally send a SMS, Email, or insert a card into the Feed of their Event App. Additionally, when a person taps their badge, the interaction date/time is recorded and can be used for real-time engagement scoring or other post-event reporting. 

Some Touchpoint use cases include:

  • Tap your badge and a business analyst will give you a call tomorrow

  • Tap to subscribe to our weekly newsletter

  • Tap if you would like to receive more post event information 

  • Get a 90 day free trial by tapping your badge

  • Tap to get our latest white paper and case study

Configuring a Touchpoint

To configure your Touchpoints, log in to Jomablue and navigate to Touchpoints/Card Templates in the left-hand menu. Then click New Touchpoint to create a new Touchpoint.

Required Fields

The minimum required fields for configuring a Touchpoint are: 

  • Name - this is the internal label for the Touchpoint and is not customer-facing (30 char max) 

  • Title - Displayed on device (30 char max)

  • Description - Displayed on device (170 char max)

  • Background Colour (must be a hex value, and must contrast with white text)

  • Success Message - what is seen after badge tap (80 char max)

Additional Fields

The following fields are optional:

  • Image (Recommended 700 x 700 px, square aspect png/jpg image)

  • Card ID - Select the card template to insert upon tap

  • SMS Content ID - Select the SMS template to send upon tap

  • Email Content ID - Select the Email to send upon tap

Important: to select a Card ID, SMS Content ID, or Email Content ID, you must first create a Card Template, SMS Template, or Email Template respectively.

Important to note:

  • The font on each Touchpoint is not currently customisable (inc colour, style). All font is left justified. 

  • Touchpoints feature on-screen elements designed to catch the attention of passers-by, and to guide them to tap their Smart Badge in the correct location. The corners of the device flash and change colour to attract attention from a distance, and the Smart Badge read zone features a pulsing animated circle to indicate where the device should be tapped. Both of these attention-grabbing features cycle through a pre-determined colour palette.


The devices are a similar size to an iPad mini, lightweight and can be mounted flush on a wall/stand or angle mounted. 

Device Size:
212mm High x 122mm Wide x 9.9mm thick

Screen Size:
172 x 106mm 

350 grams

Smart Badge Reader Position:
Bottom of screen

Battery Life:
Approx. 5 - 8 hours of use depending on screen brightness and use.

At 80% brightness, battery depletion is approx. 35% every 2 hours. We recommend running the device at approximately 40% brightness.

Mounting Options:

  • Flush on surface using double sided tape

  • Using a universal tablet holder or angled bracket

Important: the back of the device must not be flush against conductive materials such as metals or alloys, as this may will interfere with the Smart Badge reader. 

Important: If cable management isn't considered for keeping the device charged, Jomablue may swap out the device as the battery levels run low. So a mounting solution should allow for removal/replacing of the device. This could be removing and replacing the double sided tape. 

Examples of Touchpoints

Updated for Jomablue 3.29 onwards

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