Jomablue uses a state-of-the-art Email Template Editor to make creating Email Templates as simple as possible. For information on how to create Email Templates, see this article.

Email Header Specifications

While there are no strict requirements for the size of an Email Header for use in an Email Template, Jomablue recommends the following:

  • Image format: PNG or JPG

  • Minimum dimensions (to ensure headers aren't blurry): 600px * 100px

  • Maximum dimensions (to ensure fast loading on mobile devices): 1200px * 300px

Email Content Specifications

The only strict restriction on the content of your Email Templates is the character count - Email Templates must not be more than 16 million characters in length. Outside of this, content including text, images, videos, buttons/links to external sites or file downloads), raw HTML, and social media links can all be included.

Updated for Jomablue 3.29.2 onward

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