When using Community, you are able to make your personal details available to others using the Networking feature of Community. This is strictly opt-in; by default, all your details are hidden from view and you will not appear in the Networking section of Community.

Opting in to Networking

To use Networking, you must first log in to Community. Upon logging in you will land on your Profile page, where you are able to edit your Profile information and other information about yourself, and edit your Privacy settings (see below).

To opt in to Networking, tap on My Privacy and then use the toggles to set the desired settings (see below):

Revoking all Privacy settings and Networking Connections

Sometimes you will need to revoke all your Privacy settings in order to protect your personal data - this can be achieved in your Profile Privacy settings, via the Revoke All button as seen in this image:

Tapping this button will make you non-discoverable in Networking, and revoke all Networking connections. This action cannot be undone once it is taken (a warning will appear asking you to confirm you want to revoke all connections and settings).

If you have used the Revoke All function, you can re-enable Networking and start making connections again - however all previous connections will no longer exist.

Updated for Jomablue 5.3 onward

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