Upon visiting the Event App for the first time, all users will land on the Home page. A sample Home page can be seen below:

One of the most prominent features of the Home page is the Quick links section. This is a customisable area of the page which can be utilised to provide quick access to both internal pages in the Event App, and external pages on the web.

Quick links can be created by Jomablue users of any access level. To manage your Quick links, navigate to App Specific > Quick Links, then click on the New Quick Link button. You'll see a configuration panel like the one below:

To create a Quick Link you'll need to fill out the following fields:

  • Name - the Name of the Quick Link, as it would be displayed in the Event App

  • Url - the URL that the Quick Link will point to. For both internal and external URLs, copy the entire URL into this field (to copy a link from inside the Event App, click on the menu item or page you wish to copy the link for, then copy the URL from your browser's address bar into this field)

  • Icon (optional) - the icon that will be displayed in the Quick Link. This can be chosen from the library of Material Design icons, which can also be found here

  • Enabled - sets the Quick Link to be enabled or disabled - if disabled, it will not appear on the Home page. This can be useful if you wish to pre-configure a Quick Link to be made available on the day or during your event

  • Order - the order in which this Quick Link will appear on the Home Page. 1 will appear first, then 2, then 3 etc

  • Description (optional) - the description that will be displayed below the Quick Link Name on the Home page

After filling these fields out be sure to click Save to save your work! Note that your changes can take up to a minute to display in the live Event App

Updated for Jomablue 3.29 onward

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