Triggered Campaigns include the option to send a Campaign to registrants who have purchased a specific Item from an Online Registration Site, upon completion of their Registration, or upon checking in to the Event. Use cases for filtering Campaigns based on Items purchased include:

  • Sending tailored communications to those attending a Gala Dinner or After Party

  • Sending tailored communications to People attending a Workshop

  • Reminding your Attendees to collect their swag


In order to set a Triggered Campaign in Jomablue, you'll need the following:

  • An appropriate Event General Template (either Email or SMS)

  • All your People data to be imported into Jomablue (if you are importing from an external registration system)

  • All Items must have been created


  • Generally you should conduct the scheduling of your Campaigns a few days before the event. 

  • In order to ensure your Campaigns are completely accurate, we recommend scheduling them with 2 people - 1 scheduling the Campaign, and 1 watching them and verifying everything is correct

1) Select Type:

Select the General Campaign Type, then click Next

2) Select Channel

Select the Channel you wish to send this Campaign via (note that a Template for that Channel needs to have already been created), then click Next

3) Select Template

Select the Template you wish to send using this Campaign, then click Next

4) Send Test

You are required to send and verify a Test Campaign before you proceed - select a Person record. Once you have confirmed the Campaign meets your requirements, check the check box then click Next

5) Name your Campaign

Give your Campaign a meaningful name so you are able to easily identify it later, then click Next

6) Set Sending Rules

In this step you can set up the Sending Rules in order to target the intended recipients of your Campaign. To filter a Campaign based on Items allocated to the Person, check the "Limit to people who have been allocated specific Items" check-box to reveal the Items and Statuses. You can filter via the following: 

  • Any combination of any number of Items

  • Either Any Status, Collected Status, or Uncollected Status of all selected Items

For example, the above configuration will send this Campaign to any Person who is allocated a Gala Dinner Ticket, either in Collected or Uncollected status.

These rules can be combined with all other sending rules to create targeted Campaigns that will only be sent to specific People.

Once you are satisfied with your rules, click Next

7) Schedule 

To set the Campaign up as a Triggered Campaign, click on Send when triggered, then select the desired trigger, and the desired time range for the trigger to be active. 

Alternatively, to set the Campaign up as a Scheduled Campaign, click on Send Later and select a time, or Send Now.

Once you have selected a Send Time or Trigger, click Next

8) Review and Confirm

Finally, you'll need to review the Campaign you have set before completing the process. Here you can review the Type, Channel, Name, Template(s), Sending Rules, and Scheduled Time. Once you are satisfied with everything, click Set Trigger to set the Campaign.

Updated for Jomablue 3.31 onwards 

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