The Product Registration Report is a list of all Products in your Event, including the Product and Order Status, Billing details, Ordered date, Product Name, Product UID, and the Person and Company the Product is registered to (if applicable).

Downloading your Product Registration Report

To download a Product Registration Report, you'll need trusted-finance or trusted-admin user access. To download the report, navigate to Registration > Financial Reports, locate the Product Registration section, and click the Generate Report.

Understanding your Product Registration Report

The Product Registration Report is a CSV file with a header row. The included groups of columns (and their header keys) are:

  • Product Status (Status, Parent Order Status) - the Status of the Product (registered, unregistered, cancelled), and the Status of the parent Order (payment_pending, payment_received, cancelled)

  • Billing details (Billing First Name, Billing Last Name, Billing Company, Billing Email, Billing Phone, Ordered Date) - the Billing details of the parent Order of this Product

  • Product information (Product Name, Ordered Product UID, Product Registered To, Registered To Company) - information about the Product, and who it is registered to (if applicable)

Updated for Jomablue 3.31 onward

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