Are you considering using Jomablue Lite’s Event Kit as a turnkey solution for transforming the check-in process during meetings, dinners, or single stream conferences? If so, you’ll love these tips and tricks to get the best from the technology right away.

Reasons why you will love Jomablue Lite’s Event Kit:

  • Attendees enjoy an impressive welcome

  • Quick, streamlined and stress-free

  • Reduces the number of staff needed to manage event check-in

  • Data issues are significantly reduced

  • Works offline during periods of poor connectivity

  • Highly mobile - fits inside your event cases

Tip 1. Set expectations

We suggest you share pre-event communications clearly explaining how the e-Ticketing technology works, so people know what to expect when they arrive. 

On event day use signage where needed, so people can quickly see what is expected of them. For example, signs could say, ‘Have your e-Tickets ready’, ‘Scan your e-Ticket here’, and ‘Collect your name badge here’.

Having a member of staff allocated to prompt arrivals to have their eTickets ready before reaching the check-in scanners can also help to streamline the arrival process

Tip 2. Send e-Tickets by SMS the morning of the event

The best time to send an attendee their e-Ticket is just before they need it. Sending a link to their e-Ticket by SMS makes it easy for guests to find as they arrive and ensures the message is not lost in their email inbox.

e-Tickets have many advantages above other forms of ticketing, including:

  • Significantly reducing the incidence of lost tickets

  • Safeguards attendee privacy

  • Streamlines the ticketing process

  • Assists with data issue mangment. Attendees details are presented inside the e-Ticket. If there is incorrect information event organizers know exactly where to look in Jomablue Lite to find and correct the customers data

Tip 3. Design your arrival flow

The first step to designing an arrival flow is to map out the access points. Where will people most likely enter? Where do you want them to end up? Position your Event Kit to guide people along this path.

Then, position the rope and post to visually guide arrivals to where they need to go. Use longer rope and post configurations during busy times so more people are held within your single file line. This helps alleviate crowding around the e-Ticket scanner.

Next, position your e-Ticket scanners within 3 meters of the printers to ensure effective bluetooth connectivity. Once an e-Ticket has been scanned, you want arrivals to take a couple of steps before receiving their name badge. This allows the time required (just 3 seconds) to print the label. The goal is have their credentials lanyard ready as they approach the collection area.

Finally, once you have designed your arrival flow walk through your event check-in space as an attendee would. Time yourself, how long does it take? Is it clear where you need to go next? 

4. Allocate staff to where you need them

Event Kit is especially created to support a full year of event activity. Larger meetings of up to 700 guest or small dinners of 50 people can benefit from the impressive welcome experience. Simply scale the technology to suit your requirements by adding more scanners, printers and staff.

For the best experience allocation staff  during larger events is as follows:

  • At the entrance asking arrivals to have their e-Tickets ready. They can also guide people into the rope and post pathways and keep people moving if they pause.

  • Scanning e-Tickets and welcoming guests. The number of staff needed will be determined by the number of Event Kits you are using

  • Attaching name stickers to backing cards, attaching these to lanyards and passing them to guests as they approach. Two staff per printer works fine and moves larger groups into the event more quickly

For smaller events with limited resources:

  • Reduce the number of staff to just a couple of people

  • Use Jomablue Lite Kiosk Mode so arrivals can scan their own e-Ticket as they arrive

  • Ask arrivals to collect their badge directly from the printer as they pass through

Whatever size the event is, be sure to brief staff to be loud and cheerful to make the experience more personal, maintain energy and help keep people moving. If even one person stops walking they’ll create a bottleneck. The key to a super efficient arrival process is to keep people moving.

The simplest way to fill the room

Jomablue Lite’s Event Kit is easy to use, creates an impressive arrival experience and provides organizers with real-time arrival data. Say goodbye to pre-printed name badges, long guest lists, and privacy compliance worries. Every event can be this easy.

For more information including guides on how to use the technology see our other user guides.

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