The Image Slider Block is a way to display image content in a moving carousel, allowing for an eye-catching way to showcase Exhibitors and Sponsors, Sessions, or any other area of interest in your Event.

Image Slider Blocks can be placed on any Canvas - including the Lobby, or any Session or Vendor Canvas.

Image Slider Block Structure

An Image Slider Block has an optional heading, and an image slider section. The dimensions of the Image Slider Block are configurable - for example, small, tile-shaped blocks, or large banner-shaped blocks are supported.

All images in an Image Slider Block must be the same dimensions (i.e. same height and width in pixels). Additionally, we don't recommend using more than 6 images in a Slider.

Image Slider Functionality

Images in a Slider Block can have a URL associated with them. Internal URLs (i.e. links to elsewhere in the Community) will open in the same window, while External URLs will open in a new tab/window.

Image Slider Block Example

An example of an Image Slider block with auto-cycling enabled can be found below:

Image Slider Block Configuration Options

The Image Slider Blocks has the following configuration options:

  • Automatic Cycle - can be toggled on or off - if off, the user must click the arrows to progress through images

  • Cycling Interval - set in milliseconds - default cycling interval is 1000ms

  • Max width of image - set in pixels - default is unlimited

  • Full width of the image - can be set to yes or no - if set to yes, the slider will take up the full width of the block without any padding. Defaults to no

Updated for Jomablue 5.7 onward

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