Vendor Lead Capture in Community is achieved via a Vendor Lead Capture Block. This is a configurable Block that can be placed on any Canvas (i.e. is not just limited to a Vendor Canvas, and can be placed on Session or even Lobby Canvases).

Lead Capture Blocks can be configured to allow a Person to include a message when submitting their lead, and the option to include "Tags" which can be selected by the Person (e.g. to indicate their level of interest in a product, or which product they are interested in).

Lead Capture Blocks always contain a Button, which will capture the Person using the Block as a Lead.

Vendor Lead Capture Block examples:

A simple Lead Capture Block featuring a heading, description, and button:

A more complex Lead Capture Block including a heading, message box, privacy warning text, and a button:

A Lead Capture Block featuring a Message field, two Tags, and privacy warning text:

An example of a Success Message on a simple Lead Capture Block:

Vendor Lead Capture Block Structure

A Vendor Lead Capture Block has a number of optional, configurable fields, including:

  • Heading - displayed at the top of the Block (optional)

  • Description - displayed below the Heading (plain text, optional)

  • Privacy warning text - text warning the Person that their details will be shared with the Vendor (optional)

  • Tags heading - if Tags are enabled, this heading appears above the Tag check-boxes (optional)

  • Button label - the label on the button to submit the lead capture (required)

  • Success message text - the text displayed to the person after successfully completing the lead capture form (required)

Vendor Lead Capture Block Configuration

In addition to the customisable fields listed above, the Vendor Lead Capture Block features the following configuration options:

  • Allow Message - can be toggled on or off. Toggling this option on allows the Person to include a free-text message when submitting their Lead Capture

  • Default Note - if a Lead Capture Block has been configured to allow a Person to leave a message, then a "Default Note" can be configured. This Default Note is attached to the start of the message that the Person leaves. As this is configured at a Block level, this Default Note can indicate which Block the lead was captured from in Vendor Lead Export

  • Tags - if you enable the "Allow Tags" option, then you will be able to configure one or more Tags that can be selected by a Lead when they submit their Lead Capture. These Tags will be indicated in your Vendor Lead Capture Export. An example of how Tags look in the Vendor Lead Capture Block can be seen below:

Multiple Lead Capture Interactions

Sometimes, a Person may submit a Lead Capture more than once during an event - either to add more notes, or select different Tags. When a Lead already exists for a Person:

  • The time that they first captured themselves as a Lead (i.e. when the lead was created) is kept

  • The time that they last captured themselves as a Lead (i.e. when the lead was last modified) is also stored

  • Any new Tags selected by the Person will be saved and added to the existing tags in the Lead (if a previously selected Tag is not selected again, it will not be cleared)

  • Any new Notes that the Person adds to their Lead will be appended to the end of the existing Notes

Vendor Lead Export

After your Event, at a stage agreed upon between you and your Jomablue Project Manager, your Vendors Lead data will be exported by Jomablue and sent to each of the Vendors' specified email addresses. For more information on Vendor Lead export, see this article.

Updated for Jomablue 5.3 onwards

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