Files can be made available for Community Members to download by using the File Download Block on any Canvas. Example files you may wish to make available to your Attendees include, but are not limited to:

  • Slides for a Presentation (on a Session Canvas)

  • Whitepapers or other supporting documentation for a Session or Vendor

  • Zip archive containing multiple files to be made available to attendees

File Download Block Structure

An example of a File Download Block can be found below:

A File Download Block has the following structure:

  • Title - the title displayed at the top of the File Download Block (optional)

  • List of files - a list of the Files that have been included in this File Download Block

Each listed File has the following structure:

  • File Type Icon - an icon displaying the file type is displayed on the left (always displays)

  • File Title - the name given to the File. If this is not specified, the filename of the uploaded file is used

  • File subtext - text displayed below the File Title (optional)

  • File size - the size of the file is displayed below a download icon

File Download Block Configuration

A File Download Block has the following configuration options:

  • Height - the height of the block can be set by setting the number of files to be displayed at once. If there are more files assigned to a Block than this number, a vertical scroll bar will appear, allowing the user to scroll down and access the other files

File Download Block Interactions

Interactions with a File Download Block (i.e. a user downloading a file) are recorded, and can be mapped to a Custom Field associated with the Person who downloaded the file - this must be configured by Jomablue, so contact your Project Manager if you would like your File Download Block interactions mapped to Custom Fields.

Note - there is no limit to the number of files that can be uploaded, or the size of those files, but in order to improve the experience of mobile users we recommend keeping files as small as possible, and PDF files should be used over ZIP files wherever possible.

Updated for Jomablue 5.3 onward

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