If you choose to host your own video content on Vimeo, then we recommend that you have your embed settings correctly configured to ensure the best viewing experience for your Attendees.

Embed Settings Recommendations

You'll likely need different settings for different styles of video content, as different contexts require different experiences. We recommend the following:

  • Session video content - when hosting video content to be played during a Session, we recommend emulating a live-stream experience as closely as possible. For this, we recommend disabling the play bar and all like/share/embed buttons, and simply leave the fullscreen button active

  • Other video content - for video content hosted on a Vendor Canvas, Lobby Canvas, or a Session Canvas (after the Session has ended), we recommend a more traditional embedded video setup - enable the playbar as well as the fullscreen button

Setting up your Embed Presets

If you're hosting a large number of videos with Vimeo, we recommend taking advantage of the Embed Presets feature in Vimeo, which allows you to define a preset group of settings and then quickly apply them to each video. To manage your embed presets, navigate to the settings page of one of your videos and click Embed on the left hand side of the screen, then click Manage presets. Alternatively, if you are logged in to Vimeo, simply click this link.

From here, click on Add new preset to create a new preset, give the preset a meaningful name, then click Continue. From here, you'll see a preview of an embedded video, and the preferences you are able to change:

The recommended settings for "live" Session videos are as follows:

The recommended presets for all video-on-demand content are as follows:

Once you have created your preset, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click Save. Note that we recommend leaving the checkbox marked Also apply to existing videos unchecked, as this may apply the preset to unintended videos.

Applying your presets

To apply a preset to a video, navigate to the video's settings page, and click Embed on the left hand side. You'll see a drop-down menu with the currently-selected embed preset - click on this drop-down, then select your newly created embed preset, and then click the Save button that appears at the bottom of the screen:

Note - Jomablue is not responsible for any updates that Vimeo apples to its own software, so while we will endeavour to keep this article up to date, it may not correspond with the latest version of Vimeo.

Updated for Jomablue 5.3 onward

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