In Community, the first page that your Attendees will see is the Lobby - the front door of your virtual/hybrid event. The Lobby is where you can advertise key Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Sessions, as well as provide your attendees with information vital to your event.

Lobby Structure

The Lobby for your event is a Canvas - a highly configurable page upon which you can place any number of Blocks, which can hold many different types of content. Some examples of Blocks that are typically included on a Lobby Canvas include:

  • WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) Blocks - these are Blocks that can contain formatted text and/or images, and are useful for displaying banners, event information, or any other static content that you need your attendees to see

  • Image Slider Blocks - these are Blocks that contain multiple images displayed one at a time in a carousel, and can be configured to automatically cycle through the images

  • Video On Demand (VOD) Blocks - these are Blocks that contain Video content that can be played on-demand, or set to play as soon as the Lobby loads

  • Featured Vendor Blocks - these can be use to promote specific Vendors, like the main Sponsors of your event

  • Featured Session Blocks - similar to Featured Vendor Blocks, these can be used to promote specific Sessions in your event

  • Custom Ad Blocks - similar to WYSIWYG Blocks, these allow you to display images and formatted text content. The main difference is that additional metrics are collected when Custom Ad Blocks are loaded or are clicked, and the entire Block is a clickable area (as opposed to a WYSIWYG Block which can simply have links embedded within)

Lobby Example

Below is an example of a Lobby, including:

  • Event Banner (1)

  • Event Description (2)

  • Login Block (3)

  • Video On Demand Block(4)

  • Image Slider Block (5)

  • Custom Ad Block (6)

For more information on Blocks, see this article.

Updated for Jomablue 5.7 onward

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