The Featured Vendors Block is a way to display a selection of Vendors on a Canvas. This may be to promote your main sponsors on your Lobby Canvas, or to promote the sponsors of a Session on a Session Canvas.

A Featured Vendors Block has the following components:

  • Title - a plain text title displayed at the top of the Block (optional)

  • Description - a plain text description displayed below the Title, and above the Vendors (optional)

  • Vendors - the selected Vendors displayed as logos with optional text labels

The following customisation options are available for the Featured Vendors Block:

  • The Title and Description fields contain customisable text, and can be enabled or disabled

  • The number of Vendors displayed per row in the Block can be changed - this will in turn affect the size of each Vendor logo, and the total height of the Block on the Canvas itself

When a Vendor in a Featured Vendor Block is clicked on, the user is taken to that Vendor's profile within the Community. Clicking on a Vendor will also note the details of the user and the Block within which the Vendor was clicked on - this information is kept for future manual data reporting.

Below are some examples of Featured Vendor Blocks.

Block with heading, and 3 Vendors with no labels

Block with no heading and many Vendors with labels, limited to 6 Vendors per line

Updated for Jomablue 5.7 onward

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