To display a selection of Sponsors/Exhibitors in Community (for example, displaying your event main Sponsors on the Lobby), you can make use of the Featured Vendors Block. The Featured Vendors Block can be used to display one or more Vendors, including their names and logos, in an eye-catching format that can be placed on any Community Canvas.


Featured Vendor Blocks feature a range of customisation options. Configurable elements include:

  • Heading (optional) - the heading displayed at the top of the Block

  • Description (optional) - plain text description displayed below the heading

  • Vendor names - the names of the Featured Vendors can be toggled on or off

  • Icon size - the number of Vendors per row (and therefore the size of the icons) can be manually set


An example of a Featured Vendors Block can be seen below:

You may also have multiple tiers of Sponsors, and wish to display them in separate, labelled Blocks - this can be achieved by using multiple Featured Vendor Blocks, and then labelling each Block (for example, "Platinum Sponsors", "Gold Sponsors" etc) - see below:

Currently, these changes are managed by Jomablue. Consult your Jomablue Project Manager for more information.

For more information on how to configure Featured Vendor Blocks, see this article

Updated for Jomablue 6.0 onward

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