User Requirements

  • Must have a Jomablue Community Plus license

Networking is a strong motivator for attendees to attend events as it creates opportunities and connects with potential allies. While a face-to-face interaction or a handshake may be missing in the virtual events, there are still opportunities to network effectively. A Networking Block is a space for attendees to find people with similar interests based on the registered information and actively engage in sharing knowledge or building connections.

What does Networking Block do?

A Networking Block allows Community Networking features to be available to attendees. Through the Networking block, attendees can review their matches, initiate connections, manage Connection Requests and view a list of all users who have opted-in to allowing Networking in the List tab. A Networking Block looks like this:

Networking Block Features

There are four tabs in the Networking block:

  • Find- it shows the recommended people to connect based on mutual interest.

  • List- An attendee can browse the list of other registered attendees, search by using first name, last name, or the company’s name.

  • Request- An attendee can send a connection request and check the status of their connection (approve or pending) in this tab.

  • Connections- this tab shows a list of approved connections.

One-on-One Chats in Networking Block

Attendees can initiate one-on-one chats from the List tab by clicking on a message icon. Alternatively, they can also start a private conversation by clicking on a name and then clicking on the ‘Send Message’ button.

To see how Networking Block works, please check out this article.

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