Note - this article assumes that a File Download Block already exists on your Canvas

Note - this feature is typically handled by Jomablue - if you are unsure about anything, contact your Jomablue Project Manager

Adding a File to a Canvas requires two steps: Uploading the file to Jomablue, and adding the file to the desired Block.

Uploading Files

To upload a File to Jomablue, navigate to Community > Files (1), and then click on the Upload button (2) at the top right hand side of the page (see below):

To upload a File or Files, simply drag and drop them from your PC onto the dialog box that appears - and a progress bar will display and fill up for each File that you have uploaded (see below):

Finally, click on the small 'x' at the top right of the Upload Files dialog box to close it, and you'll see a list of uploaded Files. Note that each uploaded File has an ID associated with it - note the ID(s) of the File(s) you wish to add to a File Download Block, then proceed to the next step.

Note - if you have just uploaded a File, you may need to refresh the page to see the File you have just uploaded in the list

Adding Files to a File Download Block

Once you have the File IDs for the Files you wish to add to a Block, navigate to the Block you wish to upload the Files to. In the Block Editor, click on the Configuration tab, and then click Add File (see below):

A File selector will appear - click on None selected to open the list of available Files:

To select a File, simply click on the File to add it to the Block (note that if you have multiple Files with similar filenames, then it becomes easier to search for the File ID rather than relying on the filenames)

Once you have selected a File, you can optionally click on Show optional fields to make additional changes to how the File will display in the Block - including the ability to change the File's Title, Subtitle, and the download filename (the name of the file that the user downloads) - see below:

Once you have completed this process, you can add more files with the Add Files button. Once you've added all the Files you need, click Save at the top right-hand corner of the page to save your changes, and your Files will appear in the Block!

Updated for Jomablue 6.0 onward

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