Q&A and Polls can be enabled for your users in Sessions or Vendor Canvases via the use of a Sli.do Block - a third-party plugin that can be used in Community. If you have your own Sli.do account then you are welcome to use it - otherwise Jomablue can provide a managed account (consult your Project Manager if you are unsure).

What is Sli.do?

Sli.do is third-party platform that provides Q&A and Polling functionality, and is available in Jomablue as a plugin. It supports features including:

  • Live audience Q&A (questions can either be answered within the Sli.do Block itself, or via a Live Stream Block)

  • Ongoing audience Q&A - if a Sli.do Block is left active for an extended period of time (e.g. for an on-demand Session or a Vendor Canvas), then users can enter their questions in the Block for review and answering by a Speaker or Vendor

  • Live or ongoing audience polling - Sli.do also supports audience polling, either live (for live sessions) or ongoing (for on-demand Sessions or Vendor Canvases). Polling results can be made visible to users or viewed in the Sli.do backend

How do I create a Sli.do Session?

As Sli.do is a third-party plugin, the method for creating a Sli.do event is covered in their own knowledge base - see the bottom of this article for a link to how to create a Sli.do Session.

How do I add a Sli.do Session to a Sli.do Block?

Once you have created a Session in Sli.do, open the Session in Sli.do and click on the cog icon at the top-right corner of the page. From here, locate the Event Link field, and then locate the 8-character code in the Event Link (see below):

Once you have copied this code, navigate to your Sli.do Block in your Canvas, and then click on the Advanced tab, and enter that 8-character code in the event_code field within the JSON object. See below for an example of how it should look when you are finished:

Currently, Sli.do configuration within Jomablue itself is managed by Jomablue, as is the Jomablue-managed Sli.do account . If you are unsure about what type of account you are using, consult your Project Manager.

For instructions on how to create a Sli.do event, see this article. Please Note that the multi-room feature of Sli.Do is not currently supported in Jomablue.

Updated for Jomablue 6.1 onward

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