The Community Agenda supports the promotion of Sessions in the Agenda itself - including the ability to add an image and a short section of text to be seen in the Session listing in the Agenda.

Promoting a Session in the Agenda

To promote a Session in the Agenda, navigate to the Session in Jomablue, and then scroll to the bottom of the Session configuration page. Here, you will see a field to add Promotion Text, and a place to upload an image. See below for an example configuration:


How it looks in the Agenda

In the Agenda itself, this content is displayed below the Session information, with the image on the left and the text beside it. See below for an example of how the previous configuration looks in the Agenda:

Recommendations and limitations

When using this feature, we have a few recommendations:

  • Limit the usage of this feature to the Sessions that need it. If every Session has a promotion, then the value of each promotion is diminished - they are best used on a select few Sessions so they really stand out

  • Limit the length of the Promotion Text to 150 characters - while more characters are supported, it can start to clutter the Agenda view (especially on mobile devices) - keep it short and to the point

  • The Promotion Image will always display as a square. The recommended size for this image is 100x100 pixels - you can upload larger images, but they will be downsized in the Agenda, and images that are not square will be padded so they display as a square.

Updated for Jomablue 6.1 onwards

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