A Pigeonhole Live Block in Jomablue Community is an excellent way to interact with attendees as it allows them to submit questions, answer a poll, take a quiz and even vote on other user's questions. The Q&A/Poll Block uses a third party service named Pigeonhole Live, you have the option to bring your own account or we can set up an account or workspace for you. Below is how the Q&A and Poll blocks look on a Community canvas:


Q&A Block


There are multiple types of Q&A/Polls you can use which are explored in further detail below.


Q&A allows attendees to ask questions, as well as vote on other users questions. You can filter the questions before they appear and even allow comments on the questions themselves.

The following configuration options are available within a PigeonHole Q&A:

  • Question votes - allows participants to vote on other questions

  • Anonymous responses - participants can respond anonymously

  • Question filtering - approve or dismiss attendee questions before they are visible

  • Comments - allow attendees to leave comments on questions

  • Answers - add text answers to questions from the admin panel. These will be visible to attendees

  • Answer ratings - when a question is marked as answered, attendees can privately rate the answer given

  • Attendees can view Q&A questions after it has ended


Polls allow you to capture the opinions of the audience in real-time charts. As you can tell from the screenshot below, this can be done in a number of ways, all of which we will discuss briefly.

  • Assessment: enable attendees to complete a series of assessment questions at their own pace and receive scores instantly and confidentially.

  • Multiple-Choice: participants vote on predefined answers. Results are shown in real time. There are 4 types of multiple choice polls - text, numeric, draggable scale and icon rating.

  • Word Cloud: enable participants to respond in short form answers.

  • Quiz: participants select a question to see if they answered correctly with live results and a leader board.

  • Open Ended: poll an open-ended question and allow your attendees to submit free-form text answers. Attendees can also vote on other users answers.


The Pigeonhole Live block also supports themes and branding to suit your Company branding. Choose a theme from the gallery or select your own theme color and background image as well as add a logo to really personalize your Q&A or Poll block.

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