Q. How many Video Table blocks can be placed on a Canvas?

A. At max, two video blocks can be placed on a Canvas.

Q. How many Video Tables can be in one block?

A. At max, ten Video Tables can be in one block.

Q. Can someone be the host of a Video Table?

A. A host can be appointed to guide a Video Table discussion, but no elevated permissions are provided to the host, so it is unnecessary to have one. They join the table as others do and have no administrator or host permissions.

Q. What happens when someone doesn’t have a webcam?

A. The user will not be able to join the Video Table without a functional webcam.

Q. Can someone enter a Video Table with audio only?

A. No, attendees are required to have a functional webcam and audio to join a Video Table. However, users can mute audio and/or turn off their video once they join the Video Table.

Q. What does an attendee need to use Video Tables?

A. Attendees are required to have the following prerequisites:

  • Be a registered attendee.

  • Have a suitable Internet connection (see below).

  • Functioning webcam and audio (mic/speaker).

  • A modern browser (see below).

Q. How much Internet bandwidth does an attendee need to use Video Tables?

A. Required internet bandwidth differs for different situations. For example:

  • One on one Video Table: 650 kbps up and down

  • HD mode: 1400 kbps up and down

  • 3–4 people at the table: 450 kbps up and (N-1)*400 kbps down

  • 5–16 people at the table: 184 kbps up and (N-1)*134 kbps down

Q. Can anyone join a Video Table?

A. Attendees must be a registered attendee to access Video Tables.

Q. Can the Video Table be recorded?

A. No, video recording is not currently supported for Video Tables.

Q. Could someone present from their computer to the other Video Table participants?

A. No, screen sharing is not currently supported in Video Tables.

Q. How many attendees are allowed to join the Video Table?

A. The number of attendees in one video table can range from two to sixteen.

Q. What browser is required for the attendees to participate in the Video Table?

A. Any modern and updated browser (such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Firefox) is okay.

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